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Winter semester 2021

Order process

Ordering via u:book is only possible during the sales period. Entitled persons can only purchase one device per sales period. Accessories are excluded.


  1. Select your device in the Shop and click Order
  2. You will be redirected to our partner store's online shop where you have to log in.

Members of participating organisations

Members of participating organisations use the personal user details of their educational institution for the order process.

Members of other organisations

Members of other organisations need a free OpenIDP user account that is activated for ordering via u:book:

  1. Visit register OpenIDP and create a new user account. 
  2. Get your OpenIDP user account activated for u:book. You have to upload your employee ID or a confirmation of your school.

You can only register for and activate an ACOnet OpenIDP user account shortly before and during an active sales period. It usually takes no more than one working day.

Once your user account is activated, select OpenIDP (Guests) in home organisation when logging in to the online stores.

Re-activating OpenIDP account

If you already have an OpenIDP account and would like to purchase another u:book device, you will simply have to take care of re-activating your account during the next sales period.

Ordering accessories

Place your order for accessories during the purchase of your device. You can only place additional orders with the same partner store during the next sales period.

At Lenovo, HP, Microsoft, Acer and Dell you can buy only accessories without also purchasing a laptop, a convertible tablet/laptop or a tablet form the same manufacturer.

There are no restrictions regarding the amount of accessories that may be purchased.

Official orders

Please be aware of the regulations of the Federal Procurement Act. The u:book offer does not underly the procurement process. It is mainly meant for private citizens who are members of Austrian educational institutions.