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Technical data, labels

On this page you find an overview of the most important technical specifications at the products and how to interpret them. This shall help you to find a suitable device

The labels that are used at u:book indicate special features of laptops and convertibles.

Technical data

Main processor (CPU) 

u:books are powerful laptops, so almost all devices are equipped with an Intel Core i5, AMD Razor 5, Apple M1 processor or higher (i7, i9, Ryzen 7, Ryzen 9, M2, M3 etc.).

The number of processing cores and the basic clock frequency are specified, for example 8 x 3.4 GHz. The more processing cores a processor has and the higher the clock frequency, the more powerful it is.


Random-access memory (RAM) 

How much RAM you need depends on what you want the computer to do at the same time.

u:books have enough RAM to run the operating system, office applications and browser smoothly in multitasking mode. With many u:books, the RAM can also be increased at any time.


Mass storage (SSD) 

u:book devices have SSD memory. These are very fast both when reading and writing and operate silently. SSDs are insensitive to vibrations. They do not heat up and weigh little. Last but not least, SSDs are energy-saving and thus conserve battery power.

Flash memory differs only in design, but not technically from SSD.


Graphics processor

Dedicated graphics cards with their own RAM offer high graphics performance. This is necessary, for example, for 3D-intensive applications or ambitious image processing or AI applications. Devices equipped with them are marked with the corresponding label.



The screen size is stated in inches and the resolution in pixels. The higher the screen resolution in relation to the screen size, the finer the display.

IPS and OLED screens are characterised by a high level of realistic colour representation and a high contrast. They have a high viewing angle stability. When looking at the screen from the side, colours, brightness and contrast are therefore preserved, so that even writing is easily legible.



The device has an excellent price-performance ratio. It is offered as a bargain at an attractive price.

Graphics performance

  • Second graphics card: The device comes with an additional graphics card, allowing for a higher performance when running graphics-intensive applications. Or:
  • Dedicated graphics card: The term dedicated graphics card implies that the graphics card has its own dedicated graphics memory. It does therefore not rely on the computer’s main memory and performs faster.

Overall performance

  • High-performance processor (CPU): The processors Intel Core i7, AMD Ryzen 7, Apple M2 and above have a high clock speed and a lot of cores. In addition, they have a large built-in cache, making them ideal for multitasking (running several programmes or applications at the same time), academic purposes and multimedia applications.
  • A lot of memory (RAM): The size of a computer’s main memory (random-access memory – RAM) has a substantial impact on its speed as it provides the data that are currently needed, e.g. by the processor.


The device has a low overall weight (without power supply) and is therefore particularly mobile.


The device is particularly sustainable and meets the criteria for EPEAT Gold certification.

EPEAT stands for "Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool" and is an environmental label awarded by the Green Electronics Council. EPEAT provides a way to assess the environmental impact of electronic products over their entire life cycle, from manufacture to use to disposal. Certification takes place in 3 classes: Bronze, Silver and Gold. At u:book, only those products that meet the highest criteria for EPEAT Gold certification receive the Sustainable label.